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Creating clear and vibrant graphics is perhaps the most important part of your entire display. Your design is what catches the viewers eye and gains you their attention. It is our purpose to help you achieve that goal and having a firm grasp on the requirements and guidelines for large format printing is crucial.


Adobe Illustrator – Convert text to outlines and include all linked images.

Adobe Photoshop – Include all layers, paths, channels, linked images and fonts.

PDFs – Need to be high quality and editable. We do not print directly from PDF documents. They have to be opened in Illustrator and checked. You must outline all fonts prior to creating your PDF. You must also include all linked files used to create the original file. *Please note that Illustrator special effects like glows, transparencies, or drop shadows are not recommended as they have unpredictable results when printing.


InDesign – Include all layers, paths, channels, linked images and fonts. Convert text to outlines. Do not embed images. Save as a press quality PDF file. Check the PDF file for errors.

JPEG – Should be converted into a PDF.

NOT ACCEPTED FILE TYPES: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint


To avoid artwork issues and delay, please use our artwork templates located on each product page. This will help avoid sizing & formatting issues.


All artwork undergoes our pre-flight checklist for quality issues. If we find any issues with your file(s) we will contact you. If no issues are found then your artwork will go straight into production. If you require an e-proof of your file(s) we can supply that, however you must communicate this requirement upon placing an order and understand that it may delay production. Hard copy proofs are also available at an additional cost ($75).


Flattened raster files must be between 100-125 pixels per inch to avoid quality issues. Any lower and your image will print blurry and pixelated. Any higher it will just increase the file size of your document but it will not increase quality.


Please provide all vector files (Illustrator & InDesign) in CMYK format. All raster artwork (Photoshop files & JPEGS) should be provided in RGB format for the most accurate color output. If Pantone colors need to be matched please call those out in the file as solid coated swatches. If multiple Pantone swatches are used in the file, all will be matched to solid coated unless otherwise specified. Matching to a Pantone color can only be done on vector based artwork (Illustrator & InDesign). We suggest ordering a hard copy proof if color matching is critical.


Incorrect formatting due to the graphic template not being used. Fonts not being converted to outlines. Low resolution imagery. Linked files not supplied with design file.